• What Dash versions are supported?

Dash v2.0 onwards is supported. The non-backwards-compatible changes of Dash make supporting earlier versions hard. Note that v1.7.2 is the last version to support (and require) Dash versions prior to v2.0

  • What environment versions are supported?

At least v3.8 of Python, and v2.2 of Django, are needed.

  • Is a virtualenv mandatory?

No, but it is strongly recommended for any Python work.

  • What about Windows?

The python package should work anywhere that Python does. Related applications, such as Redis, have their own requirements but are accessed using standard network protocols.

  • How do I report a bug or other issue?

Create a github issue. See bug reporting for details on what makes a good bug report.

  • Where should Dash layout and callback functions be placed?

In general, the only constraint on the files containing these functions is that they should be imported into the file containing the DjangoDash instantiation. This is discussed in the Installation section and also in this github issue.

  • Can per-user or other fine-grained access control be used?
Yes. See the View decoration configuration setting and View decoration section.
  • What settings are needed to run the server in debug mode?

The prepare_demo script in the root of the git repository contains the full set of commands for running the server in debug mode. In particular, the debug server is launched with the --nostatic option. This will cause the staticfiles to be served from the collected files in the STATIC_ROOT location rather than the normal runserver behaviour of serving directly from the various locations in the STATICFILES_DIRS list.

  • Is use of the get_asset_url function optional for including static assets?

No, it is needed. Consider this example (it is part of demo-nine):

localState = DjangoDash("LocalState",

localState.layout = html.Div([html.Img(src=localState.get_asset_url('image_one.png')),

The first Img will have its source file correctly served up by Django as a standard static file. However, the second image will not be rendered as the path will be incorrect.

See the Local assets section for more information on configuration with local assets.

  • Is there a live demo available?

Yes. It can be found here