View decoration

The django-plotly-dash views, as served by Django, can be wrapped with an arbitrary decoration function. This allows the use of the Django login_required view decorator as well as enabling more specialised and fine-grained control.

The login_required decorator

The login_required decorator from the Django authentication system can be used as a view decorator. A wrapper function is provided in django_plotly_dash.access.


    # Name of view wrapping function
    "view_decorator": "django_plotly_dash.access.login_required",

Note that the view wrapping is on all of the django-plotly-dash views.

Fine-grained control

The view decoration function is called for each variant exposed in the django_plotly_dash.urls file. As well as the underlying view function, each call to the decorator is given the name of the route, as used by django.urls.reverse, the specific url fragment for the view, and a name describing the type of view.

From this information, it is possible to implement view-specific wrapping of the view functions, and in turn the wrapper functions can then use the request content, along with other information, to control access to the underlying view function.

from django.views.decorators.csrf import csrf_exempt

def check_access_permitted(request, **kwargs):
    # See if access is allowed; if so return True
    # This function is called on each request


    return True

def user_app_control(view_function, name=None, **kwargs):
    # This function is called on the registration of each django-plotly-dash view
    # name is one of main component-suites routes layout dependencies update-component

    def wrapped_view(request, *args, **kwargs):
        is_permitted = check_access_permitted(request, **kwargs)
        if not is_permitted:
            # Access not permitted, so raise error or generate an appropriate response


            return view_function(request, *args, **kwargs)

    if getattr(view_function,"csrf_exempt",False):
        return csrf_exempt(wrapped_view)

    return wrapped_view

The above sketch highlights how access can be controlled based on each request. Note that the csrf_exempt property of any wrapped view is preserved by the decoration function and this approach needs to be extended to other properties if needed. Also, this sketch only passes kwargs to the permission function.